Visual XML Sitemaps Tools

Creating XML sitemaps is not just dumping a file with all your crawled pages. With Visual SEO Studio visual editing you can exactly control their content.

XML sitemap generator - Visual SEO StudioXML sitemaps are a powerful tool to state the search engines the way you want your pages being indexed, or de-indexed. Visual SEO Studio, with its Sitemaps Tools, gives you complete control over the process.

The normal sitemap generation let you visually cherry pick the pages visited during a crawl session; from an "all selected" index tree view you can deselect the branches you do not desire being included, may be because you think they should not be crawled in the first place but had no time to sculpt the crawl path.

 Visual XML Sitemap Editing with Visual SEO Studio 

Sitemap URLs can be listed in order of visit (breadth-first visit), as it should reflect the desired link structure you wish the search engine to understand, or you can export them in alphabetical order.

Visual SEO Studio also assist you in creating special XML sitemaps listing old path now 301ed or 404ed, so that the search engine could learn faster their new destiny.

Sitemap tools main features:

  • Make a selection over tree view nodes
  • ...or generate the sitemap from a search filter
  • List pages to be 301 redirected
  • ...or to be "404-ed"
  • future: multi-file, multi-language, image and video sitemaps

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