Readability Analysis

Easier to read texts are more likely to get read, shared, linked, ranked. Assess your pages ease of read with a full suite of readability tests. All major reading scores used.

This feature will assist you when performing content audits. It computes readability scores, average readability level, number of words, sentences and characters of a site pages.

Readability Analysis in Visual SEO Studio
Readability Analysis in Visual SEO Studio

You can optionally (recommended) use an XPath expression and restrict the analysis to the content part of the web page, ignoring the boilerplate (navigational menus, header, footer, side panels...).

Readability formulas used for English texts:

Readability formulas used for Italian texts:

Readability formulas used for French texts:

Readability formulas used for Spanish texts:

At present readability scores are available for texts in English, Italian, French and Spanish.
You can use to tool for other languages as well to audit word/sentence/letter counts of page sections located by XPath expressions:

Other languages option in Readability Analysis
"Other languages" option in Readability Analysis

We recommend always setting the correct language if available, even if you are only interested in the counters and not in readability scores: correct sentence computation takes into account the most common abbreviations for the selected language. For example, the text "Mr. Brown and Dr. Fox" is a single sentence in English.

"Readability Analysis" is available only in the Professional Edition. You can evaluate it for free for 30 days by registering the Trial version.

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