Release Notes for version 0.6.4691.21167

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Visual SEO Studio 0.6.4691.21167

Published: Sunday, November 4, 2012

This is mainly a bug-fix release; also contains various improvements.


  • Fixed real-case crash:
    Crawling URL linked from an URL containing some special characters caused the program to crash.

  • Fix: some href with weird chars were not resolved as URLs to be queued when crawling, nor they were shown as page links.


  • Tabular View: added context menu commands


  • Now all tree views (interactive spidering, crawl view and index view) are much faster to be rendered, especially when the number of nodes is several thousands.


  • In case of crash, now user is asked to optionally give an e-mail address and some details (lesson learnt!)
    The reason is the anonymous crash info data automatically gathered can provide a good indication on where the issue is in the program code, but says nothing of the data causing the crash. Sometimes it is enough to solve the issue, sometimes not.
    For example, the crash addressed in this release occurred more than once and took quite long to be fixed. Thanks to the beta tester who contacted me giving a real case URL to reproduce, understand an fix the bug.
    The provided e-mail address will be used to ask for further information about the bug, and to alert the user when the bug is fixed, thanking him for her help. It will not be used for spam, nor it will ever be given to others.