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Published: Monday, December 3, 2012

This is a stability/bug-fix release


  • Fixed potential crash occurring on crash info submitting (didn't affect user experience, thought)
  • Fixed potential crash occurring when closing open/new project dialog at startup (didn't affect user experience, though)
  • Performance/memory consumption - greatly reduced memory consumption in huge trees, and everywhere where HTTP status icons were used in great quantity (e.g. HTML Suggestions), with also speed performance improvement.
    There still is great space for improvement in terms of memory footprint, will be addressed in future releases.
  • Page Links: FIXed real-world crash - no URL or description was submitted by the beta tester and I couldn't reproduce it, but could simulate it and fix it. Analogous method in HTTP Issues window modified accordingly for good measure.
  • Minor FIX: Start Page link "Start new project" defaulted to Load project


  • Check for updated - now if updates are available at startup, on close the download page is visited even if link was not taken, and if it is taken the form closes (all is to have the app closed when download starts)
  • Exception Box: improved usability


  • Program is now single-instance, preventing possible instance clashes
  • Exception Box: description field made mandatory, and put above send button and e-mail field