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Visual SEO Studio

Published: Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Feature Release: eases common SEO agency tasks, has a better performing crawl engine, improves usability (and has some stability fixes as well).

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for a quicker non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 0.8.12 'Bot Swarm'

New Features:

  • Multi-site parallel crawling
    Visual SEO Studio has always been able to perform parallel, now it makes easier to launch the spiders at the same time. Useful for competitors analysis and hunting prospective customers of SEO agencies.


  • FIXed real world crash condition when deleting an entry in Custom Filters after the grid changed focus. 6 real users suffered it, sorry guys. Thanks to the one who told me how to reproduce it.
  • FIX - when closing main form with a running crawl, start page and manage sessions form where forced closed (correctly), then the running crawl impeded closing, but the two previous windows couldn't open any more.
  • Robustness - Custom Filters Editor, prevented (a very) theoretical crashing condition. No user could possibly have ever experienced it.


  • Asynchronous storage
    Saving crawl data on disk has been completely decoupled from the crawl process, using an asynchronous queue consumed by a dedicated thread delegated to save data in background. The end result is doubling the crawl speed in case of highly responsive web sites, without losing crawl path visualization or overloading the web server.
  • Asynchronous UI crawl events
    Updating the User Interface has been decoupled from the crawl process, squeezing some more performances in crawl speed and overall making the UI more responsive.
  • Crawl/Index/Tabular View: UI responsiveness after clicking on a page node is now 8-9 time faster


  • Tabs close icon
    Tabs now show an 'X' icon when hovered sensitive to mouse click, permitting to quickly close the current Tab without having to resort to the far right 'X'.
  • Tabs context menu
    Tabs now sport a context menu permitting quickly perform closure actions (Close, Close All But This, Close All)
  • When closing the main form and there was a crawl in progress, the program didn't close without feedback. Now it gives a proper message and activates the tab preventing closure.


  • Copyright year updated to 2014
  • Framework library DockPanes Suite updated to latest version
  • Start Page, minor fix: updated first sentence explaining Administered Sites to reflect new behaviour.
  • "Crawl a Site" form: added column after text labels to comply to usability conventions
  • English Translation, fixed typos