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Published: Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stability and Feature release. Introduces support for Russian language in the UI, permits more control over crawl settings and fixes a newly introduced crashing bug.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for a easier-to-read, non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 0.8.13 'Baba Yaga'

New Features:

  • Support for Russian language in user interface
  • Options, URL and HTML Suggestion threshold criteria values are now configurable.
  • "Crawl Outside Of Start Folder" option. Feature is by default a "navigate all". Permits to optionally restrict crawling to a single sub-folder when start URL is a deep link withing said sub-folder.
  • User Agent switcher, added support to Google Smartphone (new agent) and mobile crawlers.


  • Fixed real world crash. It occurred when clicking on the 'X' on the last tab and very rapidly moving out of the tabs banner. It's a "corner-case" and I struggled to reproduce it using two hands with several attempts, nevertheless it occurred to several users
  • Fixed real-world crash (one user affected) when crawling a page having a Canonical URL not crawled yet and containing a double // slash.
  • Fix/Robustness - Create sitemap, radio buttons "export by crawl-order/alphabetical-order" suffered occasionally a control logic issue due to the buggy platform control and appeared both selected. I overridden the control logic to work it around (Thanks to the user who reported the problem).
  • Minor UI issue: robots.txt viewer, icon column in grid had a non significant text ("colIcon")
  • Simulated Crawl Rate: Fixed Italian and Spanish translations (they had translations for "Low" and "High" inverted)


  • Administered Sites: OK button renamed as Close, it better describes its function
  • "Crawl a Site" form: start URL field is now the active field when the dialog pops up.
  • Administered Sites, added Expire column and red colouring for expired sites
  • Start Page (Administered Sites section), added Expire column and red colouring for expired sites
  • Options, Suggestions criteria. While appearing disabled, the values could be changed but not persisted, and this puzzled a few users. Now the usability issue is removed as criteria are now customizable (see new feature).


  • Text fixes in various languages, especially Spanish (thanks to the users who reported the mistakes)
  • Simulated Crawl Delay, updated minimum possible value according to what Googlebot can recently do.
  • Check for updates (and other back-end requests) timeout is now reduced to 15s. It was 1' and when the back-end server was overloaded it froze for too long the initial splash window (check for updates is performed every time the program is launched)
  • About box, Credits, added Russian Translators