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Published: Saturday, March 15, 2014

Feature release. Introduces support for Polish Language in the user interface, and permits to Crawl Ajax sites.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for a easier-to-read, non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 0.8.14 'Teukros'

New Features:

  • Support for Polish language in user interface
    Thank you to Mariusz Kołacz for volunteering in the translation effort.
  • Crawl Ajax sites.
    Ajax sites supporting the specifications for crawlable Ajax (e.g. WIX sites) can now be visited.
    The integration is seamless all over the program and all pretty URLs with ajax hashbang fragments are reported as part of the URL path throughout the program.
    The features makes Visual SEO Studio one of the very few (if any) SEO software to permit auditing an ajax based web site.
  • Page Links window now also shows the value of the title attribute.


  • Fetch of text/plain resources wasn't completed when the content type also specified an encoding. This was particularly unfortunate in case of robots.txt files which resulted empty.
  • Fixed typos in Spanish translation (Propiedad/Propiedades).
    Thanks to the Spanish user who reported the faulty translations.
  • Minor fixes in various texts (all languages)


  • Available-Memory checkpoints:
    Now crawler during spidering tries its best to check in advance whether there is enough free memory to continue with the crawl session.
    If it understands there's not enough, it stops the crawl session and invites closing other programs.
  • In case of non-recoverable crash the app needs to terminate itself, but in some instances it failed to do it leaving the state unstable. Especially true in the case of out-of-memory crashes, not treated in a smarter way (better handled, and when they occur the app tries also to compact a little the memory before asking the user to report the unexpected crash).


  • In tool windows (e.g HTTP Issues, Find Results, ...) now status of robots.txt file nodes (ok/error/warning) changes the used logic.
    Not found is now considered just a warning, not an error (a missing robots.txt file is perfectly valid), while a redirection is now considered an error, not a warning (a redirected robots.txt file is invalid even if tolerated by same search engines).
  • Views, now robots.txt nodes/rows are represented with a specialized icon dedicated to represent a robots.txt file, and their text color is red for redirects and blue for not found (a missing robots.txt file is perfectly valid, just needs a warning, while a redirected robots.txt file is invalid even if tolerated by same search engines)
  • Administered Sites: OK button renamed as Close, it better describes its function


  • Simulated Crawl Delay, updated minimum possible value according to what Googlebot can recently do.
  • FIXed casing of second Russian contributor name (sorry Ilya)
  • SERP snippet: layout updated with latest Google SERP layout of March 2014; improved precision in calculating truncation points (both on title and meta-description); optimized system resources usage.
  • HTML Suggestions: Truncated titles report updated with new title size after latest Google SERP layout of March 2014; improved precision in calculating truncation points (both on Truncated Titles and Truncated meta-descriptions reports); optimized system resources usage.
  • URL Suggestions, main grid resized to better fit Russian (and now Polish) header translations.