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Published: Sunday, June 1, 2014

This is a usability release.


  • Prevented real world crash condition when picking a stored crawl session. I was unable to reproduce it, so the root cause while rare could be a still existing. Only one user was affected (sorry mate).
  • Minor fix in HTML/URL/GA Suggestions: description fields in summary grid were not updated when switching language.


  • Pretty pie charts in HTML/URL/GA suggestions for items break down.
  • Pretty percentage pie icons column in HTML/URL/GA Suggestions summary grid.
  • Pretty percentage pie icons in HTML/URL/GA Suggestions tabs.


  • URL Suggestions, changed default and minimum values for URL length criteria, based on widely accepted values for so called "best practices". To see the new value, click on "Set to defaults" and then on "OK", otherwise the old one would be seen as a customized value.
  • About Box / Credits, added ZedGraph charting component