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Published: Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This is a stability/bug-fix release


  • FIXed two correlated real world crashes: now multiple subsequent slashes in href attributes are removed to make them single (in some cases they prevented reconstructing the proper domain URL to crawl and caused the program to crash on trying to get the cached robots.txt).
  • Error report submission: in case of missing network connection and crawling error (were application state is now kept consistent) fixed error message and avoided application to shut
  • FIXed thread safety issues arisen with parallel crawling (no user were affected so far)


  • Splash window is now also shown when loading a project (especially at application launch it might take some time), giving a visual feedback on what's going on
  • Create XML Sitemap: moved Export button to the left under the tree view and made more prominent (one beta tester couldn't locate it)
  • Crash dialog: description field made optional again (better empty than with dummy text)
  • Crash dialog: further remarked e-mail is optional (so there's no need to give false e-mail addresses!)


  • In case of unexpected application error during crawling, crash info is extended to include also minimal data to reproduce the bug.
  • When unexpected application error occurs during crawling, state is now kept consistent and program doesn't shut
  • Improved diagnostics for real world crash (which is fixed in this release)