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Visual SEO Studio

Published: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This is a usability and stability release. While no new SEO features were added, it is an important milestone in making your SEO projects easier to administer. It also adds an important improvement in memory consumption.

New Features:

  • Project management from Start Page projects grid
    Projects can now be renamed or deleted, thanks to two new column buttons Rename and Delete. It was high time.
    You can still select a project by clicking on the Open column button, or by double clicking on the row. Thanks to the private beta testers who gave precious feedback about the feature usability.
  • Rename crawl sessions now permitted.
  • Page Links window, added columns with Line and Position in line of the link within the HTML code.


  • Fixed handling of non-common HTTP response codes (some where mistakenly treated as non-crawled pages and listed in the wrong tool window).
  • Page Links tool window: user-agent used to determined whether (internal) linked resources are blocked by robots.txt is not the one actually used to crawl the site (it was always the default one).
  • Index View: items order comparison is now case sensitive.
  • Typos fixes, various languages (thanks to the users who reported them).


  • Highly reduced memory footprint during crawl of large data sets. The cost is keeping only the first 500 rows of the Output window (I guess not many will notice). When exceeding that limit, top output line is replaced with "..." to suggest more content was there.


  • "Crawl Again.." option from Manage Sessions window, works for both normal and for sitemap crawl sessions. Repeats a crawl using the same crawl options (only session name is not copied to permit differentiating it).
  • Added page property "URL" with the full URL, both to Properties window and Tabular View (some users were resorting to spreadsheet concatenation to get it once exported, so I decided to spare them the burden).
  • "Location" page property (referred to the HTTP Header name used in case of 30x redirect) now renamed as "Redirected To" to better convey it's meaning (note: some languages might not reflect the change yet).
  • "Location" field renamed as "Redirect To" to better convey it's meaning.
  • Manage Sessions form, added columns (hidden) with all missing crawl parameters.
  • Property Window, HTTP Status Code field now reported with both the return code number and user-friendly text; support for all known return codes, all over the program.
  • Session Management window, added "Crawl Type" column.
  • Session tool window, added "Crawl Type" description.
  • HTTP Issues window, added "Browse Referrer URL" and "Browse Redirection URL". Users' feedback suggested this would be a time-saver.


  • Better graphical support to HTTP status code 418