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Published: Monday, March 9, 2015

This is a feature release. Further increases the already powerful Custom Filters with new operands and operators dedicated to query Page links and H1..H6 titles, provides new crawl options, more robustness against faulty html, a new native authentication method for Administered Sites. Many usability improvements added as well.

New Features:

  • Custom Filters: Added new queryable property "Page Links" with a new set of query operators: "Has links to domain" (nofollow-ed, followed, all) working for generic or exact match domain, and "Has links to external domains" (all, nofollow-ed, followed).
  • Custom Filters: Added new queryable properties: All heading, and headings count for each H1..H6 title type; "Is part of title" and "Is not part of title" operators operators for all headings.
  • Custom Filters: Added new queryable properties and query operators: "links to external domains" (all, nofollow-ed, followed), headings H1..H6 count, "Is part of title", "Is not part of title", "Is start of title" and "Is end of title" operators for all headings.
  • Custom Filters: extended title and H1..H6 headings properties with new operators "Starts with", "Does not start with", "Ends with", "Does not end with".
  • Custom Filters: queryable properties and operators are now more human-readable and translated in all available languages.
  • New crawl option: Ignore meta 'nofollow' directives (administered sites only).
  • New crawl option: Ignore rel="nofollow" attributes (administered sites only).
  • Administered Sites: added "VSS verification", a new native authentication type you can use for local network sites, or sites you have not GWT/BWT set up. It works by uploading a verification file at the root address of your site. Verification process also supports HTTP Authentication.

Usability and User Experience:

  • Administered Sites completely revamped:
    It is now possible to remove entries, and editing notes feature is easier to spot; icon colums provide a better user experience;
    "Verified with" column is more human readable;
    "Verified" column is shown with an icon, better understandable;
    Credentials verification process takes place on a separate thread, now the UI is no longer blocked if the process takes time;
    When the user is waiting for the verification process to complete, a progress bar is shown;
    Switching the verification type radio button the right textbox is focused;
    Editing is provided also in the Start Page.
  • UI, several grids: it is now allowed to resize grid columns
  • Previously not translated technical terms are now translated (Italian language), based on users' feedback'.


  • The spider html parser is now more tolerant against html pages missing the "html" or "head" tag, and can find meta data even without them (parse performances are ensured to be the same, though, when the tags found).


  • Crawl options: based on user's feedback (thanks Mark!) max crawl dept is set to 15 (previously was 10 levels).
  • Crawl options: based on user's feedback (thanks Mark!) max courtesy-delay is set to 30 secs (previously was 10 secs).


  • Fixed real world crash occurred to one user. In same scenarios changing application language since last release could lead to a crash.
  • Fixed potential crashing condition when closing the Custom Filters window in some corner-case. No real user was ever affected by it.
  • Page links window: when loading the window with new page data when having at least one of the two filter buttons (internal and external links filter), the content was shown fully, unfiltered, and user had to switch the buttons twice to obtain the desired filtered view.
  • Some message boxes reporting application errors could under some condition - if a modal dialog was shown and if the user switches with the Windows application bar to it to give it focus - fall behind the modal dialog so that the user could not see it and would find the program unresponsive (it was actually possible to continue using it, but hard to notice).
  • "ignore Disallow directive" was ignored for start URL (sorry guys!). Thanks to Andrea Pernici for reporting it.
  • HTTP Authentication control logic: in case of "crawl again" with an authentication schema needing username/password (not recalled for security reasons), the related fields were disabled and user had to deselect and select the option again to be able to edit them (nothing terrible, just a usability issue).
  • Custom filters UI: after switching language the UI, when closing the window the program asked to save even an already saved filter.
  • Typos fixes (all languages).