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Visual SEO Studio

Published: Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This is a minor bug fixing update; adds some new cool custom filters though.

New Features:

  • Custom Filters: Added new queryable property "Link Anchor Text" with a set of query operators working on text (Contains, Does not contain, Exactly matches, Starts with, Does not start with, Ends with, Does not end with).


  • Links to web site localized for IT language, now that the site supports it.
  • Localization: a few missing translations added (various languages).


  • Fixed real world crash occurred to a small number of users. In some corner-case scenarios the application crashed at startup when the mouse was positioned on a little spot of a grid header in the Start Page.
  • Administered Sites window: the user couldn't update an expired site. Sorry guys for the annoying regression, besides the new UI was/is cool...
  • Fixed crashing conditions in Administered Sites window which could happen in some corner-cases when updating the list. No real user was ever affected by this bug.
  • Administered Sites UI: Bing verification when no network connection was available caused an application crash, now the error message is correctly displayed to the user. No real user was ever affected by this bug.
  • Custom Filters: fixed minor logic issue with H1..H6 operator "Does not contain"; now the logic applies to the whole set of headings in the page.