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Published: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This release mainly addresses usability issues in HTML/URL Suggestions reports, partly after the feedback provided by a beta tester (thank you J!)


  • HTML/URL Suggestions - Grids and Trees content can now be opened in Tabular View as a crawling session subset; this makes easy to sort/search/export all the listed page properties


  • Real world crash handled: when no default browser is configured, now user is presented an informative message and application doesn't crash (it is a very uncommon scenario, I couldn't replicate it but simulated it)
  • UI fix: user interface controls were not responding during interactive crawling
  • Usability FIX: Start Page is now single instance
  • Start Page, minor fix in explanatory text


  • HTML and URL suggestions tabs/trees/grids: evidenced total and percentage (makes spotting how big an issue is much easier)
  • HTML and URL suggestions, added explicit export to Excel/CVS buttons (functions were already reachable via context menu)
  • HTML and URL suggestions, added context menu (at the moment only: "Copy full Url" and "Browse Url") to grid and tree views
  • Main menu, added links to Home Page and Getting Started page (help menu items)
  • UI: "Manage crawling sessions" renamed to "Manage crawl sessions"
  • UI: SERP preview renamed to "SERP snippet emulator"


  • Views: crawl session header dates compacted, layout rearranged
  • Crawling, added .flv (video) to skip extensions