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Published: Monday, May 18, 2015

This is performance improvement and stability release.


  • Page Links window was performing poorly when the crawl session spanned through many sub-domains.
  • Page Links window initialization is now faster.
  • Slightly sped up fetching all crawl session pages from db.
  • Page Links was too slow in case of pages withing sessions with many robots.txt files.
  • Deleting a crawl session is now much faster.
  • Node selection in trees (Crawl and Index Views) and row selection in Table View is statistically way more responsive.

User Experience / Usability:

  • Project db upgrade: when upgrading a project database, the last modified date value is updated.
  • Closing a tab while loading a big crawl session no more freezes the application.


  • Setup images updated with the new icon.
  • Added HR language menu entry (disabled).


  • Fixed real-world crash occurring when hiding in Table View the first column and then selecting an HTTP issue.
  • Fixed hypothetical crashing condition (no real user was ever affected) which could occur when visualizing the page links of a page with base attribute pointing to a different sub-domain.
  • Fixed real-world crashing condition occurring during crawling when base tag had an empty or missing href attribute.
  • Crawl View (link structure), pages with cross-subdomain referrer where in some cases represented under the wrong sub-domain. The fix required an update to the save format, old crawled data would in some cases be represented wrongly while new crawled data will always be represented correctly.
  • Fixed a real-world crash occurred when deleting the last crawl session of the list.
  • Fixes user experience issue: using tabs in the bottom tools pane fired undesired events selecting nodes in the main panes (note: in some cases it still happens, skip this detail in rel.notes)
  • Fixed issue with sorting grids, where in some cases clicking on cells made weird sorting occur (Thanks to J.C. for reporting this issue with a crystal clear video).
  • Page Links window column "robots.txt blocked" wasn't evaluating the link against the correct robots.txt file when the link (sub)domain was different from the one of the linking page.
  • Fixed crash condition (no real user has been affected) happening when examining links of pages crawled with an older version of the Pigafetta bot.
  • Fixed crash condition (no real user has been affected) happening when the user closed a tab while it was loading a big crawl session.