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Visual SEO Studio

Published: Monday, June 15, 2015

This is a stability and performance improvement release.

New Features:

  • Administered Sites, GWT authentication now uses Google OAuth2 since client login had been deprecated (along with the whole previous version of Webmaster Tools API).
    The user now uses a browser window to authorize access to his/her Google Webmaster Tools (now called "Google Search Console", but we are keeping the old name at the moment), complying to the stronger security requirements righly imposed by Google.


  • HTML and URL Suggestions summary pages now load much faster; suggestion trees are loaded only when selected, and have a progress bar to improve UX. This is particularly appreciated when dealing with large data sets.
  • Suggestion trees now load a little faster, taken singularly.

User Experience / Usability:

  • When closing the program right after a long crawl, the program waited before closure to finish storing crawled data on disk, giving a fixed message "Saving crawl data on disk..."; now it also reports the updated number of pending items to be saved.
  • Session Picker form now has a minimum size.


  • Fix/workaround of real-world crashing issue. When VSS detects a corrupted font then a message is shown suggesting the user to reinstall that font.
    Please notice that the program still terminates as couldn't work without the missing system fonts (as would other programs do), but does its best to help the user to understand and fix the issue.
  • Under a corner-case condition the program didn't close leaving a fixed message "Saving crawl data on disk..." even if no pending items had to be saved. Not sure how many users have been affected.
  • Fixed crashing condition which might have occurred deleting a project containing a single session when application language was set to Spanish. No real user was ever affected.
  • FIX: Fixed theoretical crashing condition (no real user was ever affected): user cannot execute reports on a session being saved. That session cannot be deleted.
    These problems could theoretically have happened for long crawl processes when the asynchronous storage queue didn't complete yet.
  • Regression fixed: Manage Sessions form: it is forbidden to delete a still running crawling session.
    While it is running, it is also forbidden to execute reports against it. No real user was ever affected by this corner-case issue.
  • Fixed theoretical crashing condition that could have occurred in some corner-case situations during application startup when showing the splash window.
    No real user was ever affected by the issue.
  • Typos fixed (all languages).