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Published: Monday, July 20, 2015

This is mostly an architectural upgrade release. It adds supports to 64 bit system, and updates underlying components paving the road to new future improvements that will see the light in the short run in terms of reduced memory footprint and ability to crawl very large sites.

New Features:

  • Support for Win 64 bit architecture.
    A new setup, completely renovated, is now able to install the correct bitness version of the program, so that if your Windows version is a 64bit OS, Visual SEO Studio will now run as a 64 bits process. The main advantage, other than a minor performance gain, is that the program process will not be limited to only 2GB memory quota normally assigned to a 32 bits (x86) process, thus making run-time errors due to exhausted memory - already quite uncommon indeed - far more unlikely.
    If you have an older x86 version installed on your x64 PC, it will be upgraded to the correct x64 version seamlessly.
  • Custom multi-path exclusion crawl option with robots.txt Disallow syntax.
    Old "spider trap path" is dropped as the new feature can cover also that functionality and more, since it supports the full syntax of robots.txt Disallow directives, wildcard support included.
  • Hidden feature: now user can set the app to save db files on a customized drive/folder. No UI helpers, XML config only for now.
    For those who need it, and know how to locate the VisualSEO.AppState.xml file, the syntax to add is <customprojectpath>D:\DBs\</customprojectpath> (with the desired path, of course, and be sure it's in the correct format), and the program has to be restarted.

User Experience / Usability:

  • When creating, backing up or upgrading a project now the splash window gives a better suited message explaining what's going on.


  • Fixed issue in robots.txt parsing of disallow directive starting with a wildcard (in some cases it wasn't properly processed).
  • Fixed typo in Credits document (StructureMap name).
  • Typo fixed in Russian translation. Thanks to the user who reported it.