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Published: Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is both a feature-release and a bug-fix release.
What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for a quicker non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Talking about Visual SEO Studio 0.8.4


  • Screenshots miniature viewer: Save screenshot and Copy screenshot to clipboard implemented.
    You might even call it a fix, since I simply forgot it wasn't there (sorry guys/gals).
  • Find Pages dialog: added "Search in HTML" option (by default un-selected).
  • URL Suggestions, added report "Canonical not matching Path (Casing only)" for IIS based systems.
  • "Give some feedback" option. Permits sending feature requests, report a bug, or make a suggestion to the author directly within the application.
  • Sitemap Editor: added checkbox to skip pages whose Canonical URL is different from crawled URL (default is checked). The feature was suggested by a beta tester (thank you J.).
    If difference is in casing only, URL is not skipped (in case was due to wrong internal link in IIS served pages).


  • FIX of threading issue supposedly responsible of a real world crash submitted by a beta tester (thank you J!). The crash could have occasionally occurred when switching between title and path view during the crawling process.
  • HTML and URL suggestions: fixed crash caused by colons (:) in URL paths (invalid in Windows, but used in Unix, though probably not in RFC).
    The bug was uncovered internally, no beta tester users were harmed for the fix.
  • Fixed crash condition on application closing (never happened to users, no beta tester were harmed for the fix).
  • URL suggestions report didn't take into account (sub)domain, so that - for example - root pages with same path but on different sub-domains where listed as dupes.
  • Find Pages dialog, minor UI fix.


  • HTML and URL suggestions: added Summary tabs, and link "Show summary".
  • Start Page now is not closed when loading another project, but updates itself.
  • Start Page, added list of Crawl Sessions for the loaded project.
  • On change loaded project now Sessions Management view is not closed, just updates its data.
  • When choosing a menu option needing to pick a crawl session, if no session were available an empty picker was shown; now a proper warning box appears giving also the chance to launch a new crawl session.
  • The unexpected error window now accepts tabs in description text.
  • Crawl Session Management: added explanation label; other minor UI improvements.


  • Splash: product version with fourth field as in about box.
  • Find dialog, option "Search in URL" restated as "Search in URL path" (because that's what it does).
  • Find Pages dialog: stubbed "Search in Page Text" (disabled, still unavailable).