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Published: Thursday, June 13, 2013

This is mainly a feature release, which also fixes important issues.
What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for a quicker non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Talking about Visual SEO Studio 0.8.7

New Features:

  • Added "GA Suggestions", a complete, fully-automated test suite able to detect the most common issues with mis-configured setups of Google Analitycs® code.
    Please notice the feature is probably unique in Visual SEO Studio, at least is not present in the most known competitor products.
  • Added "Custom Filters", a powerful and intuitive query engine to perform any kind of customized filtering over crawled pages data via a simple user interface.
    The feature is still experimental and incomplete (load/save filters are disabled, and there is some minor quirkiness in the UI interface), nevertheless the engine is ready for use and performs fast enough.
  • URL Suggestions, added new report "Too many tokens", listing pages with URLs that, if used as anchor texts in links, would be tokenized with to many tokens (Google seems to store only the fist 8 tokens of anchor texts).
    Note: the feature is marked as "experimental" (needs more research on the actual Google behaviour).


  • Sitemap: fixed long standing crash condition, occurred when no exportable pages were available to load on the tree view. Sorry for not fixing any sooner, available diagnostics was too little. Thanks to the user who reported the error with a contact e-mail letting me get more details about it!
  • New project dialog: prevented crash condition (occurred to one user) in case invalid file name chars were entered (it already performed a check, but pasting text in some instances could work around the safety net).
  • Fixed hypothetical crashing condition. No real user was ever harmed to fix it.
  • Some Unicode domain names (couldn't get the exact issue) caused a crash parsing. Worked around keeping them in the punyCoded version when the issue arises to play it safe.
  • Crawling, fixed interpretation of URLs starting with // (at the beginning of the link means "use the same scheme/protocol", only the subsequent occurrences have to be normalized with single /).
  • XML Sitemaps, fixed specs adherence in case of IDN domains - XML Sitemaps generator, now URLs are always URL-encoded; Internationalized Domain Names are always puny-coded.
  • URL Suggestions, Encoded URLs grid didn't have context menu.
  • Index View - clicking on an URL-encoded item on HTTP issues or Search result didn't select the node in the tree view.


  • Usability - added progress bar to show elaboration progress (mainly due to load from db), with textual percentage. It still doesn't differentiate the tasks of loading data from the database and elaborating the data (will do it very soon), yet it greatly improves usability giving clues something is actually happening and hinting how long it will take.


  • Suggestion grids: added SERP snippet previews, UI revisited, minor fixes/tweaks.
  • Various - robots.txt viewer, added temporary icon.