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Published: Monday, July 29, 2013

Feature Release: introduces localized user interface (Italian translation already available) and improves usability. It also makes Custom Filters feature a first class citizen.
What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for a quicker non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 0.8.8 multi language

New Features:

  • Multi-language User Interface
    All the necessary plumbing is already in place, and now Visual SEO Studio is fully translatable. User can switch UI language at run-time, and the choice will be remembered.
  • Translation to Italian
    The first available non-English language is Italian. Being I Italian, it has been the easiest choice.


  • Custom Filters, UI completely redone to fix control logic issues
    The previous in-place editor was very cool, but I hacked too much the original control and gave serious problems freezing the editor and making the all feature in some instances unusable. Now it might be a little less cool but is more robust. I still hope to take in-place editing back, we'll see.
  • Suggestion grids: SERP snippet preview wasn't showing the correct item, always the previous one.
  • Suggestion grids: now SERP snippet is always shown (previously some reports were missing it).
  • Minor Fix: Custom Filter, anonymous filter name handled
  • Many typos fixed in English text (thanks to the ones who reported the mistakes)


  • Main menus re-organized to better model users' mental model. Also the wording of several menu options have been rephrased to improve usability.
  • Html/URL/GA suggestions: removed percentage from tabs: they made tabs less readable and the information is now present in the summary tabs


  • HTML/URL/GA suggestion grids, always enabled to show Canonical Path
  • Suggestion grids (crawled pages), column meta-description added
  • HTML Suggestions - "page missing title", hidden Title column
  • HTML Suggestions - "pages missing meta description", hidden column meta-description
  • HTML Suggestions, now all grids also show SERP preview
  • URL Suggestions, now all grids also show SERP preview
  • Changed Launch Pad icon