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Published: Sunday, September 15, 2013

Feature Release: adds German to the list of language supported by the User Interface.
Stability Release: improves robustness addressing several crash conditions, some reported by users, some hypothetical.
What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for a quicker non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 0.8.9 has German UI

New Features:

  • Translation to German
    Kudos to Jörg Barth for his patient work on iteratively translating and testing the German version.
    This is the second non-English language supported after Italian. Other will come soon.


  • BUG FIX / Workaround - Internationalization - According to HTTP specs, when no character set is specified, ISO-8859-1 should be considered the default, and that's what the spider did. Unfortunately this choice is rarely correct.
    HTML specs suggest to parse the meta http-equiv="Content-Type" tag; it would be a big overhead, it might be done in the future.
    At the moment, the following heuristic is now applied: use UTF-8 when character set is not specified in the HTTP header (it is 6.4 times more likely to be correct, and only a minor - and always decreasing - percentage of times it would be wrong). Not perfect, but a much, much better improvement.
  • BUG FIX / Workaround - FIXED (hopefully) real world crash - Persisting the config file needed (due to the used underling libraries inner working) handling a temporary file at least the first time. For two distinct users this resulted in an access denied to temporary folder with subsequent error. Code has been changed to avoid the need of a temporary file.
  • FIX / Workaround - a user experienced a crash while sorting a grid column (which one, I don't know). I've not been able to find the root cause and reproduce the error, but made the code robust against such an unexpected case.
  • BUG FIX - real world crash prevented: copying in Clipboard caused a crash to a users, who had the Clipboard in use by another process. Handled with proper warning and explanation.
  • Fixed theoretical crash condition: export to XML Sitemap crashed when exporting over an existing file already in use by another program locking it (e.g. MS Excel, unlikely; programs like notepad or IE don't lock the file). No real users were harmed to fix this issue.
  • Fixed crash condition: export to Excel (an .csv as well) crashed when exporting over an existing file already in use by another program (e.g. MS Excel). Two users did experience it.
  • Fixed minor UI localization issue: "Checking for updates.." message was always in English, despite language set being different
  • FIX - Output window during crawling showed messages in the language set in Windows, not set by the language switcher (they usually are the same so not many should have been bothered)
  • Minor UI fix - HTTP issues, fixed size of Error/Warning buttons to better fit Italian translation
  • Translation: added missing Italian translation (the warning when no Crawl sessions are available)
  • Fixed UI control dimensions to better fit non-English translations


  • Suggestion trees, first column instead of "duplicated value" is named with the actual name of the duplicated property
  • Launch Pad: added tooltips for when the link text doesn't fit
  • Insert URL dialog (for screenshot taking): inverted position of OK and Cancel buttons (and tab order) to comply with Windows UI conventions


  • URL Suggestions, uniformed tabs padding
  • About Box: credits text added
  • GA suggestions: minor UI improvement (fist tab padding set like the others)
  • Session Management: minor UI improvement
  • FIXed typos everywhere (Italian & English)
  • Revisited many UI control dimensions and positions to better fit non-English translations