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Published: Sunday, October 4, 2015

This is a feature and stability release. Introduces a precious tool for the unlucky ones having to administer pages build with ASP.NET WebForms.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for an easier-to-read, non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 0.9.3 'IcePatrol'

New Features:

  • ViewState viewer.
    Pages built with ASP.NET WebForms technology often have a - mostly useless - hidden field whose size can be huge. This tool - along with a new Custom Filters searchable property - permits developers to inspect its decoded content and understand where to intervene to reduce its size to a minimal needed.
  • Custom Filters: you can now query over ViewState size to retrieve - say - all pages whose ViewState exceeds a certain threshold (note: a non existing ViewState would be seen as size zero at the moment).
  • Setup: "Installation path" and "Create Desktop shortcut" user selections will now be remembered in subsequent upgrades.

User Experience / Usability:

  • "Bytes" property (referred to page size) renamed to "Size (bytes)" (all languages).


  • Setup now has a new icon to better distinguish it from the actual application.


  • Fixed a real-world crash condition occasionally occurring when reading the configuration file on machine running WinXP. Two users were affected.
    The crash seems to be caused by a bug in the way the .net framework handles serialization on WinXP, we worked it around to prevent it happening.
  • Texts, minor fixes (various languages).