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Published: Monday, November 2, 2015

This is a feature release. With the new "Crawl URL list" feature opens to off-site auditing, an area not managed before by the tool. Expect other improvements soon in the area.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for an easier-to-read, non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 0.9.5 'Harvester'

New Features:

  • Crawl URL List
    Performing a backlink audit is now straightfarward. The new feature makes you easily import back link URLs from all the major backlink intelligence providers smoothly from their proprietary CSV formats, merging the lists for you removing all duplicated entries after an URL normalization. Expect other improvements in the area soon.

User Experience / Usability:

  • Data grids tools menu now available from a well visible gear icon in the top-left corner.
    We realized many users didn't know all grids were exportable, sortable, their columns customizable... simply because they never realized you could access a context menu by right clicking on the header row. Now the new gear icon is well visible when you hover the mouse pointer over the grid, and the first time even shows an animation to better actract user's eye.
  • Some of the grids were configured to select the whole row when clicked on, preventing the user to copy a single cell value.


  • Minor improvements in the setup UX: better feedback management when a downgrade is detected; IE version check is performed at an earlier step; finish button is now green, being it is the form Call to Action.


  • URL Suggestions: in some cases Canonical URL shown was not correct, displaying mistakenly the current URL.
    The bug only affected the way data was presented, not computed.
  • URL Suggestions: (regression) pages with no canonical link could have been reported as having the canonical path not matching the crawled URL.
  • Suggestion trees: Canonical URL column in case of missing canonical was showing the domain name part. Now correctly shows empty.
    Thanks to Andrea "garethjax" Scarpetta for reporting the bug.
  • Fixed a real-world crash happening when an HREF value was in the form "http:/www..." (notice it is missing a slash after the colon).
  • Fixed a real-world crash occurred to a single user on a very corner case when closing the application.
  • Typos fixed, all languages.