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Published: Sunday, February 14, 2016

This is a Stability and User Experience release. Adds a few minor features as well.

New Features:

  • "GA Suggestions" can now be stopped before time, and see a partial results (as for huge sites it might take some time to complete).
  • "GA Suggestions" now sports some right panel tools (Session, Properties, DOM) and bottom panels (Scrips/CSS, other than the already present SERP snippet), to better help locating reported issues.
  • Added Histogram view to "HTML Suggestions".
  • Added Histogram view to "URL Suggestions".

User Experience / Usability:

  • When the right pane was collapsed and user selected on the bottom pane one of the options "Show in Content", "Show in DOM" and "Show blocking directive in robots.txt", the right pane was not expanded. Now it is.
  • Copy-paste issue on the activation code textbox fixed, thanks Danilo Chiantia for reporting it.
  • Page Links, columns rearranged (visibility and position).


  • Page Images:
    added column to indicate if the SRC value is an embedded image (src="data:...");
    "Internal" column moved left after robots.txt related columns. SRC column value truncated in case of data URI.
  • robots.txt parser: dropped support for missed leading / in Allow and Disallow directive (e.g. "Disallow: fish/" was equivalent to "Disallow: /fish/")
    It was a non-standard feature added to comply with googlebot specific implementation, but Google dropped it from its specifications and remarked it is not supported (see for further details).
    Note: we do still support a leading * though.


  • DOM view crashed when trying to display node with attributes too long (hundred of thousands of characters, happened for example in case of embedded images encoded in base64).
  • Fixed real-world crash: embedded images (src="data:...") caused Page Images bottom pane and Performance Suggestions report to crash.
  • Fixed real-world crash caused by a mailto: link with an HTML entity in the href attribute value.
  • Fixed theoretic crashing condition (never experienced by any real user) where the software would crash if user selected on one of the bottom panes the option "View blocking directive in robots.txt" when the right pane was collapsed.
  • When the right pane was collapsed and user selected on the bottom pane one of the options "Show in Content", "Show in DOM", and the content were not previously loaded in the right pane, Content and DOM views appeared blank.
  • Most links URLs encoded with HTML entities were not properly crawled.
  • Minor corrections in translations (all languages).