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Published: Saturday, April 30, 2016

With this important milestone also the Professional Edition ends its Beta phase. It also is a cumulative Maintenance and Bug Fixes release.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for more insights about the release please read: The Professional Edition is out

New Features:

  • The Professional Edition is now available!
    You can purchase a licence selecting the proper command from the help menu, you'll be directed to an HTTPS secured purchase wizard. At the completion of the payment you'll receive an Activation Code to insert in the dedicated window.
  • Crawling HTTPS sites adds support to TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 (other than the usual SSL3 and TLS1.0).
    In order to work it need to run on .net framework 4.5 or higher. If .net 4.0 is used, only SS3 and TLS1 are used and some HTTPS sites might not be crawled (the crawl would likely stop attempting to download the robots.txt file, with the message: "An unexpected error occurred trying to download robots.txt prevents crawling. Error is: Send Failure".


  • In case of huge number of subsequent non-crawled items met during the crawl process, the user interface received far too many micro-events (requiring to update of the UI) than it could handle, and the UI happened to freeze becoming non-responsive.
    Now during the crawl process UI events are packaged and handled in batches, so that the program remains responsive.
  • The application has been hardened against rare possible multi-threaded races.


  • Googlebot Smartphone user-agent (available for adm. sites only) updated to latest Google version (see
  • About box now shows licensee and licence info in case of paid Professional Edition subscription.
  • Setup UI updated with new logo, and enlarged to better fit new stuff.
  • EULA updated.
  • Minor robustness added in case of crawl tab closed before time.
  • Suggestion reports user interface, uniformed height of reports headers.
  • Help menu, added links to Visual SEO Studio social media accounts (Twitter and Google+).
  • Help menu items re-arranged, and added commands to purchase licence and insert activation code.


  • Real world crash fixed: When user ran Html Suggestions report with a very big set of data the program could occasionally crash if the user closed the application.
  • Real world crash fixed: If the program was closed while a very big crawling session was being deleted then a crashing condition occurred. Now it waits for the deletion to complete.
  • Real world crash fixed: When there were no recent URLs and the user changed a recent URL form setting then an a crashing condition occurred.
  • ViewState viewer: fixed real-world crash (thank to Andrea "garethjax" Scarpetta for reporting it) occurring for ASP.NET WebForms generated with MS SharePoint. Now while the content is not completely decoded, at least it doesn't crash.
  • Fixed crashing condition (no real ever experienced it) which might have occurred when auditing a sitemap with path /?something
  • Fixed theoretical crashing condition (no real user ever experienced it) which could occur when inspecting old migrated data of pages crawled with an older version of the Pigafetta bot user-agent.
  • Performance Suggestions: report "Meta charset (non UTF-8) had an inverted logic, and reported pages with actually meta charset set to UTF-8 (and - as it should - no charset set in HTTP header or BOM).
  • Crawl window: when the crawl options panel was collapsed and user needed to add credentials for HTTP Authentication, user had no clue why the crawl process didn't start. Now the panel is expanded if needed, to show proper messaging.
  • Typos fixed (various languages), thanks to all the users who reported them.