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Published: Sunday, September 18, 2016

A feature release, introduces support for content auditing with the new Readability Analysis tool.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for more insights about the release please read: Visual SEO Studio 1.3 adds Readability

New Features:

  • Readability Analysis:
    A complete suite to assess the readability of the plain text of your contents.
    Uses the most notorious readability indexes. All indexes are shown with a colored background to facilitate getting the whole picture.
    For each page the plain text is shown in a new right-pane detail window.
    User can specify (recommended) an XPath to indicate where in the page layout the pure content is. Available in a collapsed panel are other options (e.g. to restrict analysis only to some paths, skip empty pages, ...)
    The tool itself is a precious help to perform a Content Audit. For each page/section other than the readability indexes also computes the number of words, sentences, characters.
    Histogram views are available for each computed measure, to easily assess at a glance the overall state.
    Other side/bottom pane windows are available to help auditing the single pages (e.g. H1..H6 titles, screenshots, ...)
    The feature is available (at the moment) for texts in English and Italian.
    Readability formulas used for English texts: Flesch Reading Ease Score (FRES), Flesch-Kincaid grade level, Gunning's Fog Index, SMOG index, Automated Readability Index (ARI), Coleman-Liau Index, and the average of the five aforementioned grading school levels.
    Readability formulas used for Italian texts: Flesch-Vacca score, GULPEASE index.


  • Histograms now report Mean and Median values.
  • Professional Edition: links/commands for non implemented features are now not shown (they were shown as disabled links, generating confusion).
  • Professional Edition default value for number of pages to be crawled is now set to the maximum value (150K pages); before it was set to half the maximum but generated some misunderstanding.
  • Features "Custom Filters" and "GA Suggestions" are now only available in the Professional Edition (and not in the Community Edition).
    This has not been a lighthearted decision: users love the product and love the Community Edition, so much that far too many don't feel the need to purchase the Professional license for their daily consulting/agency work. We appreciate the product being popular, and want to keep the free version free even for light professional use, yet we cannot risk to impair our economical survival by being our first competitor. The two features are very "Pro"; for example an Analytics health-check is something you perform only occasionally on your own site and can be done with the 30-days Trial. This way the Community Edition is still highly competitive against competition.
  • Export to Excel/CSV (all grids): better handling of "non-a-number" values generated by "divide by zero" issues.
  • Improved computation of plain text from the page HTML (impacts search in plain text code in custom filters and in generic search).
  • Pro Trial registration: improved correctness check of email address field.
  • UI texts and translations (all languages) improved all over the application.


  • Fixes crashing condition occurring when the option "Browse Location URL" where used on a redirect HTTP issue in case the crawl come from a list of URLs. Thanks to Andrea Pernici who reported the bug.
  • Fixed real-world crash occurred to two users when getting the list of administered sites from Search Console APIs. We couldn't replicate the issue (depends on user's data and is an uncommon corner-case), but we are confident this change fixes it.