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Published: Sunday, October 16, 2016

A feature release, introduces among other things Data Extraction, a new important building block for content auditing.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for more insights about the release please read: Visual SEO Studio 1.4 is 'The Miner'

New Features:

  • Data Extraction
    Permits to data mine the crawled pages, scraping content based on XPath selectors.
    Working on pre-crawled data sets, user can repeatedly test, correct aim and refine saving tonnes of time not having to repeat the exploration each time. User can add any number of custom columns to extract data.
    In case an XPath expression returns a collection of node instead of a single one, user can choose to keep only the first one (default behaviour) or keep them all. The choice is customizable for each single column of extracted data. In the second case, additional results are reported in the same column to ease data analysis and consumption. Extracted data cells have "Show in code" and "Show in DOM" context menu options. Content, DOM and Session right panel views are available.
    User can browse each item URL page with a context menu item ("Browse URL"). All extracted columns are resizable, movable, hidable and sortable.
  • Readability Analysis, support for a generic "others" language.
    Only counters will be shown (and no readability scores) to permit anyway content auditing based on word-count. Sentence termination will be detected using English rules (and thus ignoring common English abbreviations).
  • Custom Filters, new links operand: "Links to an exact URL".
  • Page Links bottom pane: added a link to search for all internal in-links to the selected page.
  • Crawl, Index and Tabular views: added context menu option to search for all internal in-links to the selected page.
  • DOM viewer: context menu on an element has now "Copy XPath" option.
    The computed XPath is optimized avoiding indexes when there is no ambiguity, and shortened when an element with an explicit 'id' is found upward along the path.

User Experience / Usability:

  • Precessing Custom Filters can now be interrupted to see only a partial result.
  • New Crawl dialog: in case of invalid URL inserted a non-obtrusive error icon appears aside the URL.
  • Start page: when the user double clicks on a row of the start page grid (the one showing all the sessions in the current project) then the "Session Management" form is opened with the project the user double clicked on already selected.
  • Data Extraction & Readability Analysis: when an error points out a wrong field then the related control gets the focus.


  • Grids, "Find in grid" feature now supports prev/next and optional case sensitiveness.
  • Uniformed notation, now "URL" is written uppercase everywhere (with the exception of German language, where "Url" is preferred).


  • When title or meta data contained exceeding internal white spaces, they were not stripped off. Now they are.
  • URL Suggestions: titles of the histogram views didn't make much sense the way they were stated.
  • Minor fixes in translations (all languages).
  • Grids: fixes bug in "Export to excel/CSV" where export operation failed in case of columns with no value.
    This never occurred to real-users as the situation was never triggered with real data in previous releases.
    Thanks to the beta tester A.C. who spotted and reported the issue while testing the new Data Extraction feature.
  • UI: when the user changes the UI language now also the grid context menu recalculates its texts to speak the right language.