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Published: Sunday, April 2, 2017

A maintenance release, 1.6.2 code-named "SEO swallow" adds improvements to ease checking the correctness of redirection and detecting mixed contents in scenarios of domain and HTTP to HTTPS migrations.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for more insights about the release please read: Visual SEO 1.6.2 audits site migrations

New Features:

  • New crawl option "For robots.txt file, treat a redirection to [other domain]/robots.txt as 'full allow'".
    Available both in "Crawl Site" and "Crawl URL list", permits to audit the correctness of a migration (e.g. from HTTP to HTTPS, or a domain change).
    The new value default is true, as it better matches the most common usage scenario (despite the REP rule would be the contrary).
  • Custom Filters, added new queryable property "URL". Among other things, makes it easier for example locating broken links after a HTTP to HTTPS migration.

User Experience / Usability:

  • Page Properties window, we stopped showing the redundant fields "Path (URL encoded) and "Path (decoded)" (there already is the field "URL" shown in a human readable form), "Redirected to (URL encoded), "rel='canonical' HTTP header (URL encoded)", "Referrer URL (URL encoded)", and "Canonical link tag (URL encoded)" (there already was the decoded version, more human readable in case of Unicode characters).
  • Administered Sites, GSC verification: controls spaced some more to make it look less crowded.


  • Fixes real-world crash (actually a regression) which occurred when a user invoked the command to add GSC Search Analytics data to a grid, but then closed the authorization window, not granting the program access to the account.
  • Administered sites, GSC verification: when no GSC account was configured, choosing the first one did not add it to the combo list, and you had to close the dialog window and re-open it to see it and use it.
  • UI text fixed, all languages.