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Published: Monday, January 15, 2018

This is a minor maintenance release. We decided to publish to fix a (very rare) concurrency condition introduced with the new spider engine.


  • HTML Suggestions preferences: now maximum permitted value for meta description length (in characters) has been raised from 300 to 320 upon users' request.
    The reason is related to the recent change in Google SERP, where some meta description have been observed to be longer.
    We still don't encourage users to focus on character based lengths because:
    1. There is better way to employ your time.
    2. Characters based length have never been a thing, what to look at should be the width in pixel and the number of rows.
    3. Recent increased snippet length seems to be unrelated to the actual meta description content, exceeding texts seem more to be composed depending on users' query.


  • Data Extraction was hard to stop in same cases.
  • Crawling: fixed rare concurrency race crashing condition that could have happened during crawls.
    The probability of it occurrence was extremely low in normal condition, so that it occurred to only three users over thousands.
    It depended on the crawl scenario though, and an long row of subsequent redirects could have increased its likelihood (e.g. a migration audit). In fact out of the three users to experience the crash, one met it twice (sorry mate!), probably because he reproduced twice the same stressing conditions.