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Visual SEO Studio

Published: Sunday, November 18, 2018

This version is a maintenance release. It improves the application user experience and fixes some bugs.

Usability / UX:

  • Pie charts (used in * suggestions reports):
    Added in/out zoom support (by using SHIFT+Drag); improved the spacing and chart elements positioning.
  • Crawl time: the overlay panel is now positioned a little more below, in order not to cover the new column headers of the tree view.
  • Crawl View and folder View: when the columns do not fit the entire text, a tooltip is shown.


  • Added a few missing translations accidentally not included in 1.9.3 (all languages except English).
  • Crawl options: added support for common crawlers user-agents (Chrome, FireFox, Edge and Safari).
  • Run the GSC data discovery with a lower priority in order to make the UI more responsive.


  • Crawl Session tree views: fixed crashing bug that occurred to a few users after clicking the "Expand All" button.
  • Readability Analysis: stopping elaboration took long before taking effect.
  • Minor fix on saving a Pie chart image.
  • Typo fixed (Russian). Thanks to Andrei C. for reporting it.