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Visual SEO Studio

Published: Tuesday, October 29, 2019

This maintenance release ends the beta phase of the macOS version of Visual SEO Studio.

New Features:

  1. Support for new rel="sponsored" and rel="ugc" attribute values: Page Links panel, added combined "Can pass PR" column.
  2. Links Inspector: Support for new rel="sponsored" and rel="ugc" attribute values.
  3. Page Links panel: Support for new rel="sponsored" and rel="ugc" attribute values.
  4. HTTP Issues panel: added context menu entries "Find all pages linking to URL" and "Find all links to URL".
  5. Images Inspector: now the grouping trees have a switcher button to switch between page HTML and destination image in Content view (like in the main table).

Usability / UX:

  1. Slightly improved look and feel of 3D pie charts.
  2. [Win] Better centering pie chart and histograms shown in the right pane while crawling.
  3. [Mac] White texts in highlighted tabs to increase readability.
  4. [Mac] Improved look and feel of tab sheet headers.
  5. [Mac] Contrast text color in highlighted controls in bottom and right panels.
  6. [Mac] Use Transparent color as background color for the controls.
  7. [Mac] Do not set the background color for the progress bar when loading a tab.
  8. [Mac] Do not set the background color for the the progress bar of an ongoing crawl.
  9. [Mac] UI adjustment and code optimisation in the Crawl Speed options tab of the "Crawl a Site" window.


  1. [Mac] Slightly reduced memory footprint and sped up loading of features.


  1. Four common video file extensions added to the list of extensions ignored by default when found in a link during the crawl process (they would have anyway triggered a "406 Not Acceptable" HTTP response code).
  2. [Mac] corrected spelling error in setup file.


  1. Fixed potential crashing condition that could occur when closing the Verified Sites window while a verification process was in progress.
  2. Images were always stored with attribute "link depth" zero.
  3. Visual session summary: Link Depth histogram reported all images as link depth 0 (regression since 1.9.8, when image crawling was first introduced).
    Now images are skipped when computing the histogram and it only shows data for web pages.
  4. Prevented rare crashing condition that could have theoretically happened if a user dismissed too quickly the window offering a free trial.
    No real user is known to have ever been affected by the issue.
  5. [Mac] Options: fixed restore default project location.
  6. [Mac] Views switcher: restored the unselected state of a button after switching to a different view.