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Published: Tuesday, August 11, 2020

This maintenance release introduces support to SVG image files.

New Features:

  1. Support to SVG images.
    SVG images are now recognized and processed like other image formats. SVG images taken into account are those inserted using a IMG tag.
    Visual SEO Studio reports pixel image sizes for SVG images when provided within the image XML declaration; keep in mind that being SVG images scalable vector images, they do not degrade in quality when resized.
    On Windows, rendering is performed with Magick.NET which uses an internal engine, or with Inkscape engine if installed and found in system path.
    On macOS the program recognizes the format, downloads the files, and extracts their pixel size, but rendering is temporarily disabled. For a particular category of images we have detected some stability bugs in the open source libraries we are using; we thus decided to pospone the ability to render SVG files on Mac. Like with other open source libraries we use, we report detected bugs and, if possible, provide patches and fixes.
    Each library has different support to SVG specifications, so some more advanced features might not be rendered depending on the used images. For the most part, being SVG images mostly used on the Web for logos and simple images, we have found no big differences in the quality of the rendered images.

Usability / UX:

  1. Images Inspector, in case of data URI images (i.e. embedded images) the SRC/URL truncation now leaves a longer part of the URL to display.
  2. [Mac] Improved dark mode visibility of "Options" panels in the "Crawl Sitemap", "Craw URL List" and "Crawl Multiple Sites" dialog windows.


  1. [Mac] updated to Eto.Forms framework to rel. 2.5.0


  1. Crawling: Start URL was not normalized, causing a crash in case of path starting with a redundant // when trying to follow path-less relative URLs.
  2. Fixed corner-case crashing condition occurred to a single user upon updating a project.
  3. [Win] Optimize Image window: fixed crashing condition occasionally occurring when the tool loaded. Thanks to Gabriel S. for reporting the issue with detailed instructions on how to reproduce it.
  4. Crawling: HTTP Authentication (advanced parameter) was not passed for XML Sitemaps in some cases.
  5. Crawling: HTTP Authentication (advanced parameter) was not passed for image resources.
  6. Images Inspector, tab "Distinct images": in case of data URI images (i.e. embedded images) the URL is shown truncated (note that in case of data URIs too long no URL was displayed).
  7. Images Inspector, tab "Distinct images": in case of data URI images (i.e. embedded images) the Content right panel did not show the image.
  8. Workaround to permit users affected (actually only one has ever been detected) by a bug fixed in 2.2 (corner-case issue where a latency delay in saving the initial crawl session record caused all reports that needed to bulk inspect the pages HTML content to discard the first few crawled pages) to actually be able bulk inspecting without error also crawl sessions saved before the fix was done.