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Visual SEO Studio

Published: Friday, July 23, 2021

This maintenance release improves usability and user experience, improves the software diagnostics, and updates to the latest SEO developments.

Usability / UX:

  1. Histogram charts: added 3D cylindrical bars view (used by default).
    User can switch between 2D and 3D view by using the context menu.
  2. [Mac] Data Extraction: UI no longer using a split panel permitting to resize the upper portion.
    Now the behavior has been aligned to the one of the Windows version.
  3. [Mac] Adjusted "Find in grid" dialog size on BigSur.
  4. [Mac] Fixed height of grid break down in HTML Suggestions and URL suggestions to avoid scrolling.


  1. Crawling: maximum number of redirects to follow is now 10.
    Maximum value was previously 5 to mimic googlebot behavior, but recently Google updated a document stating that it can follow up to 10 hops (but doesn't specify too much, stating it might depend on the specific bot).
    We left 5 as default value to comply with RFC 1945, plus we want our spider to be more restrictive in order to give users a way to understand a potential problem, since 10 is really a lot and it's not clear when googlebot flavors will actually follow up to such a value.
  2. GA Suggestions, and Scripts processing in general: now the tools also accepts type="javascript/blocked" as a valid mime type for scripts, even if it is not:
    it's an arbitrary value commonly used to block third party scripts (and cookies) upon acceptance of terms by the user, then another script changes their mime type to a proper one in order to let the browser execute them.
    The tool does not guarantee though that a script will change the mime type with a correct one.
    We decided to use this strategy because it prevents users focusing on false issues.
    If another technical problem would prevent the script to change the mime type of the blocked ones, user should investigate that case, not - say - a GA setting issue.
  3. [Win] Improved diagnostics in case of crashes.


  1. [Mac] HTML/URL suggestions (and potentially other reports with "suggestion trees"):
    fixed a crashing issue that could have occasionally occurred when the tree nodes exceeded a certain amount so that a dummy node is shown instead.
  2. [Mac] Minor fix in system diagnostics.