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Visual SEO Studio

Published: Sunday, February 26, 2023

This is a maintenance release, laying the path for new upcomin features.

Usability / UX:

  1. [Mac] Added progress bar in Verified Sites dialog (it was missing).


  1. Google verification: updated application to comply with new Google OAuth requirements.
    At the moment you can no longer switch among Google accounts, you have to invalidate and authorize again.
  2. Options form, removed Google Search Console accounts window. We removed it because incompatible with the new specs for Google OAuth.
    We have are discussing internally how to restore it to make multi-account (still possible with the new implementation) easier.
  3. Crawling: better support for TLS 1.3 secure connections.
  4. At startup the program will offer to update the project file to a new format. This is in preparation of new features that will soon be published.


  1. [Mac] Fixed UI issue in Verified Sites grid, where the texts were wrongly either green or red instead of the system text color.
  2. [Mac] Fixed potential crash that could have occurred in some specific cases when setting network credentials to use in HTTP requests.