What is this post all about?

Claim token based verification on TechnoratiTechnorati is half way between a search engine for blogs and a bookmarking web site.

Bloggers can register their own creatures and enjoy increased traffic thanks to the visibility Technorati provides.

So far, so good (as the guy falling from a skyscraper kept saying); the problem is that in order to prove a blog is your own, Technorati asks you to write a blog post containing an ugly token within its text.

The post has to be reachable by their search crawler, and thus visible to the blogger readership both from the blogger's web site and from her RSS feed.

Such blog post is meant (even if it is not clear from their pages) to be temporary, one could delete it after the blog has been verified, but think about those blogger who enjoy a steady flow of hundreds of visitors at all hours of the day.
Why on earth their readership should be confused by a dummy blog post?

An open letter to Technorati

Dear Technorati,

I'm in the process of claiming authorship of my blog within your system.

My claim token is HNNDKD2ERVDA, but do you really think my readership could ever care?

I understand not every blogger is enabled to use customized meta tags, or access directly the file system, let alone add a new DNS record (those are the verification methods enabled by Google Webmaster Tools)...

...but can't you at least provide such alternate methods for those who can?

File based and meta-tag based verification methods are easy to implement and not invasive for the blog, they could be a good start. Thank you.

Kindest regards,

Federico Sasso

And you dear reader, in case you had to verify your blog with Technorati, did you have the same thought I had?