Several readers observed I should permit commenting on this blog.

I 100% agree.

Please do not it as putting little value in readers' feedback; on the contrary your feedback is extremely valuable to me.

The problem is that I rolled my own blog engine and never completed it with commenting, being more focused on developing Visual SEO Studio to make it a great product.

Note for the curious ones:
Yes, this web site runs on my own blog engine, my own CMS, my own ORM... I'm a fan of the "don't reinvent the wheel" rule :-)

What made me procrastinate it is that my hosting provider limits my server configuration (" medium trust"), technically preventing me to use an integrated login with social media accounts.

I've been pointed to Disqus as a technical workaround; I'll will evaluate it, I'm not sure I could use it because of the aforementioned limitation.

I will take some time to implement a solution, somehow.

Thank you for your patience.

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