Note di rilascio per la versione 0.7.4695.2087

Le note di rilascio del prodotto dettagliano ogni singola modifica apportata al rilascio. Scopri cos'è cambiato con Visual SEO Studio versione 0.7.4695.2087

Visual SEO Studio 0.7.4695.2087

Published: giovedì 8 novembre 2012

This is mainly a bug-fix release.


  • Fixed real-case crash:
    DOM Viewer caused the application to crash when the html contained some html comments with special characters. It was caused by a previous work-around, now the bug is gone for good.


  • Tabular View, added explicit buttons for "Export to Excel" and "Export to CVS"

Known issues:

  • DOM Viewer: comments have double opening/closing, will be fixed soon.