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Visual SEO Studio

Published: mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

This is both a feature-release and a bug-fix release


  • Visual XML Sitemap creation
    Starting from a crawl session, one can export the visited pages to an XML Sitemap, visually selecting pages and branches from an index tree.
    User can choose whether to export pages in order of visit or alphabetical, and specify an optional priority based on link depth.
    Other XML Sitemap goodies will come in the near future.
  • Start Page added; UI is still to be refined and the page enriched, but this should make the first impact more user-friendly.
  • Load last project option implemented
  • Show Start Page option implemented


  • FIXed real-case crash submitted by beta tester; unfortunately no real URL was provided, but should work. The bug was in the implementation of Public-Suffix (still incomplete) in an uncommon corner-case: I guess it occurred trying to crawl a North-Korean second-level domain (in North-Korea one cannot register SLD, but some government controlled SLD exist). Crashing was not the correct way to handle the unexpected case. Now the bug is gone and the world is a better place.
  • Export to Excel: handled correct format for "nullable date" columns (it was treated as plain-text)
  • FIXed minor UI issues at common desktop resolution


  • Session management form, added Create XML Sitemap context menu item
  • Main window: menu items and links in launch pad for not implemented features are now disabled
  • Crawl/index tree views, now fully expanded after loading
  • Index tree(s) - now when a page is also homonyms of a directory, both nodes are added, and children are appended to the directory node


  • Several improvements in Tree Views rendering


  • Changed Versioning convention: passed to MSI-like three numbers versioning (plus incremental revision). Forcing 3rd number I have the same versioning as the msi has (release date info is lost, never mind). AboutBox aligned to comply
  • Crawl options: maximum number of URLs raised form 10.000 to 500.000, upon request of a beta tester.