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Visual SEO Studio

Published: domenica 27 ottobre 2013

Feature Release: Permits full-speed crawling in the majority of cases restricting courtesy delay policies to strict necessary; adds crawling options; adds Spanish (experimental) to the list of language supported by the User Interface.
Stability Release: improves robustness addressing several crash conditions, especially a long standing one.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for a quicker non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 0.8.10 kills pains!

New Features:

  • Courtesy delay not set if no crawl-delay was found in robots.txt
    The change allows to crawl at full-speed in the majority of cases, even for non-administered web sites (being the crawler speed adaptive to the server response, there is no risk to overload the web site).
  • Max crawl-delay set to 2 secs (used only if crawl-delay directive is specified).
    This limit was lowered from the previous 10 secs value after considering the old one was hypothesized many years ago when bandwidth was much scarcer (today even normal browsers tend to consume much more).
  • Spoof User-Agent option (administered sites only).
    Today the list of available user agents is limited; it will expand very soon. Keep in mind only the user agent used to decorate the HTTP requests changes (and the obeyed user-agent directive in robots.txt file), still the crawler is not able to adopt the parsing rules of the different search engines.
  • Crawl option: skip sub domains (thanks to Erik v.E. who suggested it)
  • Spanish language support.
    Thank to Mauro Larosa and Silvano Parodi for the translation work. For any translation mistake, I am the one to be blamed - especially for the last-minute corrections - as I double checked every single word notwithstanding my little Spanish.
    The translation is released as experimental to give the chance to Spanish-speaking users to contribute with their corrections.
    This is the third non-English language supported after Italian and German. Other will come soon.


  • Real world Crash condition Fixed. This is the longest standing crash condition by far, and affected about 3% of the user base when launching the program when an instance was already running. The program is single instance and normally handle the case smoothly passing the context to the already running instance, but in some cases the application could not connect to the original instance (similar case to another more rare issue) due to missing privileges. This fix handles the case with a tailored warning message with proper instructions.
  • Fixed start-up crash condition: the program is single instance and normally when an instance is already running a subsequent application launch silently terminate switching context to the existing instance, but in some rare cases when the first instance cannot be contacted the program crashed. This crash is very similar to the other fixed in the same release, but much rarer: so far only two users were affected by this one.
  • Real world crash fixed. When a malformed HTTP header declared a GZip (or any other) compression, and no such compression was provided, the crawl process stopped with an unexpected error to be reported to the author. OK, seen and fixed. Now the process continues, a red icon is provided for the page (with status code forced to Unused - this will change in the future), the issue is shown as a Warning, and the unexpected error detail is logged in the (volatile, sorry) output window. For the future, the exception will be recorded in stored data.
  • Administered Sites verification via Bing Webmaster Tools API Key was broken due to changes to the API interface. Now is working again (thanks Erik v.E. for reporting the issue).
  • Custom Filters, robustness against occasional radio buttons glitches (theoretical only).
  • Administered sites, robustness against occasional radio buttons glitches (happened to a private beta tester).
  • HTML Suggestion - minor localization issue fixed: the criteria textbox content obeyed the current OS language and not the one set from the menu option (they normally are the same so not many users are likely to have realized it).
  • Minor FIX: in some hypothetical conditions a crash condition might terminate the program without notifying the problem (it probably never occurred in real world).
  • Several fixes in Italian and German translations.


  • "Crawl a Site" form revisited
    The layout has been completely rearranged to make it simpler, fitting all the advanced options in dedicated tabs, to permit the user not to bother in the majority of cases and just concentrate in the most important one (the Start URL).


  • Crawler user-agent version updated to reflect new changes. Arbitrarily set to 0.5 (was 0.1)
  • About box, updated credits (translators and components)