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Visual SEO Studio

Published: martedì 6 maggio 2014

Stability release. It also adds storage of non-crawlable items and improves usability.

New Features:

  • Non-crawlable URLs (e.g. URLs blocked by robots.txt) now persisted.
  • Added new "Non Crawled items" tool window to visualize them
  • SERP snippet - after one month Google updated again its layout so that now title words are again preserved entirely; this release copes with the change


  • Fixes real world crash caused by badly formed IDN link. Now the badly-formed link is just ignored and skipped (in future might be reported in Page Links tool)
  • Fixes real world crash happened to a user checking for updates while the back-end server probably stopped working. A very rare corner-case, but very improbable corner case issues do happen in real world.
  • Fixed real world crash when saving an XML Sitemap in case of access denied to the selected path
  • Fixed theoretical crash condition: export to Excel (an .csv as well) crashed in case of access denied to the selected path. No real users were harmed to fix this issue.
  • Fixed minor UI issue when switching language: localized grid content wasn't refreshed straight away.
  • Create sitemap: fixed counter of session http requests (used to show the exportable pages count)
  • SERP snippet, minor UI fix: now paths with https schema show the http:// schema as Google does (thanks to the user who reported the issue)
  • SERP Snippet: ampersand symbols in title were not shown (thanks to the user who reported the issue)
  • Minor UI fix: now correctly associating icon and color to OK-like HTTP status: "201 Created" and "202 Accepts"; very corner-case (they already were correctly handled in crawling, this is just a UI fix)


  • Improved memory consumption detection during crawling, nearly halving the chances to incur in an out-of-memory exception
  • Maximum URL number to explore temporarily reduced to a safer 75.000


  • Added legend to help understand colors and icons
  • Custom Filters, case-sensitive checkbox enlarged to give space to all translations
  • Session Viewer tool - moved most of the session related info aside.
  • Views, thanks to the new Session Viewer side panel, the main panel is now much less cluttered. Start URL is now shown.
  • Start URL shown in session header UI (as well as total items, now that also non crawled items are included).


  • Installer: added personalized banner image
  • Custom Filters, changed Italian translation for "case sensitive"