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Le note di rilascio del prodotto dettagliano ogni singola modifica apportata al rilascio. Scopri cos'è cambiato con Visual SEO Studio versione

Visual SEO Studio

Published: sabato 24 maggio 2014

This is a stability release.


  • Fixed real-world crash occurring during crawling phase in some cases when normalizing href absolute values with IDN domain name.
  • Crawling/Storage: the parser didn't extract correctly header meta data having attribute names upper-case (e.g. name="DESCRIPTION" instead of name="description"). Consequently, Visual SEO Studio reported the meta data as missing (even if it was shown in the DOM viewer).
  • Crawling, URL normalization: querystring parameters with no value were treated as having an empty value (i.e. a = sign was added). Thanks to M.C. for reporting the bug.
  • Fix/Usability - Options, Recent URLs list: max number of URLs now persisted and respected.
  • Minor fix in Russian translation.