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Visual SEO Studio

Published: lunedì 22 settembre 2014

This is a feature release. Adds crawling of sitemaps, index sitemap and robots.txt sitemap directive. Add extensive XML Sitemap validation.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for an easier-to-read, non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 0.8.20 'Piri Reis'

New Features:

  • Crawl Sitemaps
    Permits to crawl all URLs listed in XML Sitemaps. Crawl can start from a normal Sitemap, an Index Sitemap or a robots.txt sitemap directive. In case of robots.txt or Index Sitemap, Sitemap nodes appear nested.
    In case some URLs cannot be crawled, they appear listed and are reported as non-crawled along with the reason why they are not.
    Compressed sitemap are supported at the moment only if the correct HTTP header is provided. RSS, Atom an text sitemap are not supported yet.
  • Sitemap Validation Tool
    A new validation window is provided for Sitemap resources. It provides super fast and complete validation.
    Validations performed are Schema validation (normal sitemap, index sitemap, image sitemap, mobile sitemap, news sitemap, video sitemap, alternate/hreflang extensions), and sitemap protocol specific validation (more than twenty validation rules are checked).
  • Ability to update old projects to a new format version. Backup of older versions are saved before updating.


  • Minor fix: better disposal of unused resources (and memory) when closing a tab window.
  • robots.txt sitemap directive, fix: it accepted a relative path against the specifications.
  • robots.txt sitemap directive, now if a sitemap url is repeated, it is counted only once.
  • Export to sitemap: now minimum priority value, if specified, can be 0.1 instead of 0.0 (sitemap protocol accepts 0.0, but some search engines - like Google - don't).
  • Start page: some text newlines changed to fit available space.
  • Minor UI fix: during crawling, when no completion data is available, crawl session side window reported a bogus completion date (1 gen 0001). Now when no date is available it shows an empty string.
  • Some fixed dialog windows had minimize/maximize buttons, now hidden.


  • DOM window content is now refreshed only when the tab is selected, improving UI responsiveness in all other cases.
  • HTML window content is now refreshed only when the tab is selected, improving UI responsiveness in all other cases.


  • "Crawl a Site" dialog window, added title icon to make it uniform to the other dialogs.
  • All crawl parameters now persisted (even if they might not be shown in the UI).