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Visual SEO Studio

Published: sabato 8 novembre 2014

This is a stability release.


  • Fixed real world crash caused by cross-domain sitemap. At the moment fixes just not considering the external URLs, but it will be fixed differently to show them as non-crawlable.
  • Fixed real-world crash occurring when trying to validate as xml sitemap some html pages with dtd specified (which was possible if the user mistakenly input a web page as start URL pretending it were a sitemap).
  • Fixed real world crash condition where the canonical tag had relative URLs with slashes encoded as "%2f" at the beginning of the value.
  • Fixed real world crash condition where the canonical was an external link, and the page had <meta name="fragment" content="!"> so #! were added to the canonical URL. Now in such case if the canonical URL is external, the hashbang is added to the non canonical URL.
  • Page Links window: in a corner-case scenario, some ajax relative links made by the hashbang only were not shown.


  • Tabular View, changed columns default visibility based on users' feedback.


  • EULA updated.