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Visual SEO Studio

Published: lunedì 1 dicembre 2014

This is a feature release. Adds an entire set of features to help webmasters working with case-insensitive web servers (e.g. IIS), in addition to other precious improvements.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for an easier-to-read, non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 0.8.22 'iOnic' is here

New Features:

  • Full support of X-Robots-Tag HTTP header, and bot-specific robots meta tag.
    The Program now fully supports the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header, both for generic and bot-specific user-agent.
    It also support bot-specific meta tag directive (e.g. <meta name="botname" content="noindex, nofollow" />).
    Since "index" and "follow" directive are received also via generic bot meta directives and HTTP headers, the page Properties window provides two new "Index" and "Follow" boolean fields, showing the combined effect of all different directives.
    Custom Filters SEO oriented query engine now uses such combined logic to query, saving users tons of time via the brand new "RobotsDirective" operator.
  • New Crawl option:
    "Ignore upper/lower case differences in URLs" (default is false). URLs are treated by specification as case-sensitive, but there are special cases when an SEO professional might want to ignore casing to focus on other issues. This might happen for example when he/she already assessed internal duplicate content issues due to bad casing in internal links on an IIS web server.
    The spider actually has always been able to do it, but the feature was not accessible in public releases.
  • Customizable 'URL Parameters'
    User can now add and remove custom 'URL Parameters' to be ignored when crawling.
    Default URL Parameters cannot be deleted and are shown in gray.
    URL Parameters are presented for usability reasons in three separate sets: Session IDs, Tracking tags, and Miscellanous.
  • Customizable File Extensions to skip
    User can now add and remove custom file extensions to be ignored when crawling.
    Default Extensions cannot be deleted and are shown in gray.
  • New URL Suggestions report: URLs differing in casing only
    Helps better spotting internal duplication issues due to wrongly cased URLs in internal links in case of case-insensitive web server (e.g. IIS).
  • URL Suggestions, report "Duplicate canonical tags" is now split in two: case-sensitive and case-insensitive. This should help diagnostic of case sensitivity issues in the canonical link tag.


  • Fixed real-world crash occurring in a rare cross-threading condition when loading tabs data asynchronously and updating the related progress bar.
  • Real-time crawl view: fixed case-sensitivity issue occurring when adding a newly crawled page node; in case a pages with path differing in casing only was already present in the tree view, the new node was not added (but could be seen afterward when loading from session in crawl-view).
  • Tabular View: fixed case-sensitivity issue occurring when looking up for a page (e.g. selecting a row in the search result window); in case of pages with path differing in casing only, the wrong page could have been selected in the main table.
  • Custom Filters: under some operators/operands, pages with properties with no value (e.g. no title) were skipped even if actually matching the condition.
  • Crawl options, default value for URL case-sensitiveness was mistakenly set as "case insensitive", and unfortunately was not customizable (hidden option).
  • SERP snippet: in some cases WP sites erroneously set sitemaps as text/html content type, and the snippet was shown. Now it makes some more checks to decide whether to show or hide it.
  • Fixed typo in Russian language (Legend item). Thanks to the anonymous user from Kharkiv who reported it.
    Fixed various types in English language.
  • Load/New Project windows - Fixed minor usability issue: the new project name textbox was not getting the focus.
  • Load/New Project windows is no longer top most.


  • URL Suggestions: added explicit column 'Canonical' in "Duplicate Canonical tag" and "Duplicate Canonical tag (case-insensitive)" reports.
  • Page Property window: added Index and Follow fields. Their values are the computed taking into account all generic and bot-specific directives via robots meta tag and X-Robots-Tag HTTP headers.


  • VisualSEO can now run on any .Net Framework version starting from 3.5 to higher.
    It previously required having .Net 3.5 installed and enabled, and prevented some users installing it with ease.
  • New Setup wizard, re-done from scratch to permit complete support of all .net framework versions (3.5 or greater) and to better comply with UE and Italian Law regulations when asking for EULA acceptance.
  • Page Links, now showing also the value of the "target" attribute, if present.
  • Session Window, shown new crawl option: case-sensitiveness applied to visited URLs.
  • Session Window, shown new crawl option: used user-agent (now that bot specific HTTP and meta directive are supported, one needs to know to what bot they are applied to).
  • Crawl Sitemap: when a sitemap lists URLs outside its domain, the program previously just skipped them.
    Now it presents them as non-crawled items giving a proper explanation.
  • HTML window now renamed as "Content" (and localized) since it can also show not only HTML content, but also content for robots.txt and sitemap files.