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Visual SEO Studio

Published: domenica 1 febbraio 2015

This is a feature release. While not many new SEO features were added - apart TTFB and H1..H6 title - it adds the ability to load/save custom filters, an area which will enrich soon.

New Features:

  • Custom Filters persistence
    An highly required feature. The program now permits you to persist custom filters. A brand new toolbar lets you create, load, edit, update and delete custom filters as persistable entities. No more repeating the same editing tasks.
  • H1..H6 Tool window
    Shows all H1..H6 titles found on every single page. Available for all major views (crawl path, directory index, tabular) provides an easy grid to list, count, sort, copy, and export the page titles.
  • TTFB (Time To First Byte) now measured and saved along with the other page properties (visible within the Crawl category in Property window).
  • Tabular View, added TTFB (Time To First Byte) column.


  • Export to Excel: minor fix on the way time measurements are exported.


  • Tabular view, subset name is now indicated clearly on top of the grid when the view is used to show a crawled data subset (e.g. coming from suggestions, custom filters, ...). Thanks to J. who suggested it.