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Visual SEO Studio

Published: giovedì 30 luglio 2015

This is mostly a performance improvement and stability release. It also enables the program to migrate existing crawl data to different formats, opening to more dramatic architectural improvements in the imminent future.


  • Fixed performance bug affecting the end of the crawl process. It was mostly perceived at the end of the crawl of large sites, when all crawled pages were - uselessly - enumerated and updated in the database.
  • Storing crawled pages is now more efficient, having removed some unnecessary disk access when crawling (the performance gain is only perceived in case of many sub-domains).

User Experience / Usability:

  • Some messages made clearer (various languages).
  • Setup UI: trying better wording on the end page (thanks to Andrea Pernici for the suggestion).


  • The data update engine has been completely rewritten to allow not only to update it's format definition - something it already was able to do - but also migrating old crawled data to a new format. This steps permits more dramatic architectural changes already ahead in the development stage which will see the light in the short run.
  • Credits, added newly used OSS component "Fluent Migrator".


  • Fixed real-world crash occurring with index sitemaps listing sitemap located in a different domain.