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Visual SEO Studio

Published: mercoledì 1 maggio 2013

This version is another important milestone towards full support of International SEO, as it adds support to Unicode domains and fixes an issue with some non UTF-8 encodings.
For the benefit of all users, a much better memory manager highly reduces memory consumption and load time of saved sessions already opened.
What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for a quicker non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Talking about Visual SEO Studio 0.8.6

New Features:

  • Internationalization, support for Unicode domain names (e.g. ccTLD .рф)
    Another important step toward a significant number of users mainly from Russian speaking countries, who are more likely to work on sites with Unicode domain names.
    Please notice the feature is probably unique in Visual SEO Studio, at least is not present in the most known competitor products.
  • URL Suggestions, added two reports: Encoded Paths and Encoded File Names


  • BUG FIX - crawling/storage failed to recognize the correct content encoding for non western / non-UTF-8 charsets
  • URL Suggestions, fixed detection of file name when path ended with a trailing slash
  • Robustness - now you cannot remove a Crawl Session if it used by a tab view
  • half FIX - Crawl Sessions: now you can administer / view data of crawl sessions killed with the task manager, but you cannot delete it (it would lead to problems, until I fix a certain low priority issue)
  • Usability/Globalization/half-fix - HTML suggestions: Path were still shown URL-encoded, now showing the decoded version
  • Crawl Options: minor UI fix when showing the applied crawl-delay


  • Crawling, behaviour change: now maximum supported crawl-delay is 10 seconds (was 120).
    Less polite, I agree, but still fair. Users complained that when a (non-administered) site set it to a high value, crawling was not usable. Site owners might like it less, but the alternative is people using really bad behaved competitor site crawlers, so it's a win-win for everyone.
  • Crawl Options: now for administered or local sites, overriding the crawl-delay (with no wait time, as before) is the default behaviour, as it is the most commonly desired option.


  • Memory manager, highly reduces memory footprint and makes loading views much faster in most cases


  • URL Suggestions, report Weird Character hidden (and not computed) until I sort out what to do with it, and if it makes any sense any more