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Visual SEO Studio

Published: sabato 2 gennaio 2016

This is a Stability and User Experience release. Adds a few minor features as well.

New Features:

  • New crawl option: Add HTTP header 'Referrer' (the crawler always did it, now it has been made optional).
  • HTTP Authentication available also for sitemap auditing.
  • PageLinks now also shows links related to A tags with protocols different than HTTP/HTTPS (e.g. ftp:, mailto:, tel:, skype:, callto: ...)
  • Custom Filters, new querable text property: Meta Description.

User Experience / Usability:

  • Left side Launch Pad links are now underlined only on mouse hover, based on users' feedback (someone said it looked like old Navigator back from the 90ties).
  • Suggestion trees: in case of value with multi-line text, the node appeared blank or with non-centered text (the control actually did center the multi-line text vertically, so that and in many cases appeared blank).
    Now only the first line is shown (but the entire text string is used for the computation).
  • SERP snippet preview in all HTML/URL/GA Suggestions are now shown with a collapsible tool window (like in the Views).
    This not only permits a better use of screen real estate space for users with smaller monitors, but also opens the possibility to show other tool windows when needed.
  • Custom Filters tab: when loading a new project, the tab if open now stays open (it's not dependent on the project).


  • UI - Options, Last Recent URLs: items are now deletable (multiselection is available)
  • Minor improvements in UI translations (various languages).
  • Translations improved (all languages).


  • Textual meta tags (e.g. meta description) were not trimmed when crawling/extracting meta data.
    This could in same cases have made - for example - meta descriptions made of a single blank character be listed for example in the duplicate meta description tags.
  • Fixed crashing condition occurring when trying to display in a suggestions tree view node an overly lengthy text (several tens of thousand characters). No reports of real uses ever affected.
  • Fixed real-world crash caused by extremely long several tens of thousands of characters) meta descriptions when trying to compute their length in pixel. Two users were affected, sorry mates.
  • Crawling: fixed URL resolution caused by unescaped querystring parameters.
  • Crawling: fixed URL resolution in case of links with href value having an absolute URL with IDN domain non puny-coded.
  • When attempting to load a project with an unsaved custom filter, the message box stated it was a running crawl session to prevent closure.
  • Fixed all most prominent UI visualization issues occurring when user had display resolution set to 125% DPI.
    Some parts do still have minor visualization issues, and will be fixed as well in the near future.