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Visual SEO Studio

Published: mercoledì 3 febbraio 2016

Visual SEO Studio 1.0 is a Feature release. It ends a long period of beta phase. Now the product comes in two "Editions": a free "Community Edition", and a "Professional Edition (Beta)" (this last one keeps the "beta" label, and is still distributed free of charge at the moment). The new release introduces a whole new set of Performance Optimization oriented reports. Adds some fixes as well.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for an easier-to-read, non-exhaustive overview with pretty screenshots, please read: Visual SEO Studio 1.0 is here!

New Features:

  • The product now comes in two different "Editions":
    "Community Edition"
    free of charge - even for commercial use - with some some limitation.
    Community Edition gets finally rid of the "beta" label. This is the state of the application by default.
    "Professional Edition (Beta)"
    Still free of charge while entering its own beta phase, Pro Beta is an improved version of Visual SEO Studio. Users can upgrade for free to the "Professional (Beta)" edition by registering with their e-mail address; they'll receive an Activation Code (bound to the user's hardware). Once the Paid Professional version will be ready, they'll be free to choose whether to pay for a Pro license or continue using the Community Edition for free.

    See section Differences between Community and Professional edition to learn more.

  • Performance suggestions
    A unique tool, provides in-depth performance analysis for all pages pages of a crawl session. This is probably the only tool able to inspect performance issues in a holistic way, not limiting only to a single page. The new reports set introduces the usage of right and bottom panel tools to better inspect pages with performance issues. It also introduced the possibility to interrupt the processing and see the partial result without discarding all the work done; this is particularly useful for large data sets, since the thorought reports inspection can take quite some time.
    "Performance suggestions" are available for the Professional version only.
  • New bottom pane tool: Histogram
    Give an overall view of how the inspected measure is distrubuited over the entire set of examined pages.
    It makes examining the overall site state immediate. We plan to further expand its functionalities in the near future.
    At the moment is only used in Performance Suggestions report. Will soon be used also in other "suggestions" reports.
  • New bottom pane tool: Page Images
    Details all the IMG tags used in the page, their URL, alt and title attributes, width and height attributes, their position in source code (clickable, to show them in Content and DOM views), and whether they are blocked by robots.txt (and if so, the blocking directive, clickable to be shown in the full robots.txt content).
  • New bottom pane tool: Page CSS and JS files
    Details all the SCRIPT and CSS style tags used in the page, their URL if external, whether they do block rendering, their position in source code (clickable, to show them in Content and DOM views), and whether they are blocked by robots.txt (and if so, the blocking directive, clickable to be shown in the full robots.txt content).
  • Options form: user can now customize the projects folder path via UI (it previously was available via config file only).
    The option is enabled for the Professional only.

User Experience / Usability:

  • Property Window: Referrer field now shows the full URL, not only the path part. It was misleading when the Referrer (sub)domain differed from the one of the current resource.
    Thanks to Andrea Pernici for pointing out the issue.
  • When launched from the About window, "Check for updates" form now appears modal on the main form, and the about box is closed.


  • Options dialog: suggestions criteria has been split in more forms, each dedicated to a single "suggestions" report.
    Translations improved for empty nodes.
  • About Box, fixed minor UI layout issues in new controls.
  • "Check for updates" anonymous HTTP requests now pass through HTTPS secure channel.
  • Typos fixed and texts reviewed (all languages).
  • About form revisited
    Its aspect now changes a little between Community and Professional editions. In the first case is sports a "Get Professional Edition" button; in the latter it shows licencee information and the license serial number. Hardware tab is not shown any more.
  • Splash window: the product name was not horizontally centered on the splash screen. It also displays current Edition.
  • Application title bar now also displays current Edition


  • Fixed all known layout issues when using a DPI setting different from default (commonly 125% or 150%)
  • Fixed real-world crash occurred to a single user; it was caused by a link using back slashed in some corner-case conditions.
  • Fixed real-world crashing condition (only one user was ever affected) occurring when a redirected page was redirected (due to a badly configured HTTP header against protocol specifications) to an invalid value which passed through the previously implemented validation net (it was using a mailto: protocol).
  • Fixed crashing condition at startup which could potentially occur when the initial request for update timed out. It's a regression which was out there since about a month; we have no records of real users ever experiencing it but it the server timed out, it's possible the crash report timed out too and we never received. In case: sorry guys/gals.
  • Fixed real-world crashing condition (only one user was ever affected) occurring in a rare threading concurrency issue, likely when the program was shutting down.

Differences between Community and Professional edition:

Community Edition Professional Edition (Beta)
Max crawlable pages 500 150.000
Can crawl XML Sitemaps and robots.txt - Yes
Can crawl URL lists - Yes
Can launch multiple crawl sessions in one go Yes
(launched individually)
Supports HTTP Authentication - Yes
Can save/load Custom Filters - Yes
"Performance suggestions" feature - Yes
Remember grids customizations - Yes
Can store crawl data in custom folder - Yes
Can take miniature screenshots Home Pages (root) only any web page
Watermark-free screenshots - Yes