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Visual SEO Studio

Published: domenica 6 marzo 2016

This is a Maintenance release. Adds a few minor features as well.

New Features:

  • New crawl option: download of non-200 pages content. Default is true.
    Useful for example to inspect them with Performance Suggestions report.
    Previously content of non-200 pages were not downloaded, so migrated data will have the option to false. The new feature implies a data migration (fully automated, as usual).
  • Crawl options, user-agents spoofing (available for administered sites only):
    Added Yandex's mobile, ads (Yandex.Direct) and blog bots.
    Added Bingbot mobile bots and ads bots (desktop and mobile).
  • Screenshot taker, added most common mobile resolutions widths.
  • Screenshots: max screenshots miniature width now customizable. It previously was fixed at 400px, now can be enlarged.
    For smaller (mobile) resolutions, the actual screen width is used.

User Experience / Usability:

  • Crawl Form is now much more compact, with options initially collapsed.
  • Crawl window: tab "Advanced" split in two: "Advanced" and "Administered Sites" to better fit all controls; controls now better spaced.
  • Grids, reduced the perceived flickering on images cells when quickly scrolling or switching to a grid view.
  • Recent URLs options dialog: fixed tab order.
  • Screenshot miniatures options dialog, added "Restore defaults" button.
  • Empty grids (Sessions on the Start Page window and Sessions on the Manage Sessions window) now have a clear "Call To Action" telling the user what to do.
  • Grids customization: when the user customizes the column order then changes are immediately reflected into the Options form.


  • Fixed theoretical cross-threading crashing condition. So rare and unlikely no user so far seems to have experienced it, we were able to trigger it after several attempts and so we had to fix it.


  • Shot Taker, added most common mobile models and resolutions in combo box.
  • Start Page layout reviewed to remove excessive clogging in the user interface:
    The "Open Session Management" is now a button.
    The label showing the total number of sessions under the Sessions grid and the redundant crawl button are not present any more.
    The "Administered Sites" label has been removed: it was not necessary because of the presence of the groupbox title.
  • Registration wizard:
    The email address inserted by the user is trimmed before calling the server to get the activation code.
  • About window: the "Hardware Signature" field is back again.


  • XML Sitemap generation: fixed regression (occurred since 0.9.4 with the introduction of .net 4.0 as minimal prerequisite) where URLs with IDN domain names were not properly encoded.
  • XML Sitemap generation: fixed regression (occurred since 0.9.4 with the introduction of .net 4.0 as minimal prerequisite) where URLs with hashbang #! part added a non-necessary default port number.
  • Fixed real-world crash which could occur when launching a "Suggestions" report and closing straight away. It took click speed and bad luck, but did actually occur to a couple of users over time.
  • Fixed real-world crash occurred to one user. It was triggered during crawling by a link in the from of an data: embedded image.
  • When a communication error occurred trying to download a resource (e.g. timeout, DNS error, ...) it was wrongly reported as a fictitious HTTP error "306 Unused". Now the proper error is reported, and listed in the "Non crawled items" view.
    When the error occurred at the beginning of a crawl process while attempting to download the first robots.txt file, the misleading message was particularly confusing for the user.