Note di rilascio per la versione

Le note di rilascio del prodotto dettagliano ogni singola modifica apportata al rilascio. Scopri cos'è cambiato con Visual SEO Studio versione

Visual SEO Studio

Published: venerdì 3 giugno 2016

Mostly a maintenance and bug fixes release, this version sees the advent of the French translation as the main feature.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for more insights about the release please read: Visual SEO Studio 1.2.0 parle Français!

New Features:

  • French translation available.
    Visual SEO Studio is now also speaks French, translated by NeeKnuS. Seven languages to better serve users where ever they are from.
  • GA suggestions now integrate G. Tag Manager detection.
    Two new report tab are available: "Pages with both GA and GTM tracking codes", and "Pages with neither GA nor GTM tracking codes". At the moment the tool is not able to evaluate scripts at runtime, and cannot know whether GA is enabled via GTM, but the two reported conditions are worth a closer look.

User Experience / Usability:

  • Custom Filters, now the Properties combo box groups properties by category, greatly improving the user experience.
  • Setup UI: Better alignment for checkboxes on the setup main window to improve their readability
  • Help menu item "Get the Professional Edition..." renamed as "Upgrade to the Professional Edition..." to make it clearer.
  • Help menu item "Upgrade to the Professional Edition..." (formerly "Get the Professional Edition...") now opens an intermediate window explaining that the subsequent step would be to be taken to an HTTPS secure purchase wizard on the product website.
  • Activation form (used to insert the Activation Code for a purchase Professional Edition licence) revamped:
    The activation code form has now a new label explaining what the activation code is and how the user can get it.
    User can click on a new button on the activation form to launch the web based purchase procedure.
    The activation code textbox is now a watermark textbox. The watermark shows an example of activation code.


  • The software now sports a whole new graphic: splash, logo, icon, etc... like already happened to the website.
  • GA Suggestions, improved detection of GA codes, excluding some false positives.
  • Validation windows, improved usage of UI space.
  • Better use of resources make the program a little lighter even with a language translation more.
  • SERP snippet emulator and HTML Suggestions (truncated titles and truncated descriptions):
    Google SERP organic results width has been enlarged from 512px to 600px, so now the tool takes into consideration the new value.
    Thanks to Andrea Pernici who first spotted it and reported it on 10 May 2016.
    Still have to work out the exact description truncation algo. Looks like it still is truncated at the old width, but things might change as Google declared the recent changes should not be considered official yet.
  • SERP snipped path font size fixed to 14px (previously was 13px).


  • Fixed rare crashing condition which occurred after saving a screenshot when showing it in the right pane.
  • Screenshot taker: fixed crash that could have occurred when stopping too early before the page screenshot started rendering.
    Quite rare, occurred to only two users during a couple of years.
  • Fixed real-world crash occurring when showing page links, in some cases where a mailto: link was not well formed.
  • Fixed crashing condition occurring when closing the Custom Filters tab when a filter was in edit state.
  • Fixed multi-threading crashing condition occurred to a user after a previous (still to be fixed crash).
  • Fixed theoretical crashing condition (no real user ever experienced it), which could have occurred in rare cases by clicking on another tab while a report were loading its data.